creative routines, learnings from travel, stubborn hope, difficulties and joys of being human, privacy and security in India, and the ordinary genius
daily mantras, Pondicherry, suffering is relative, understanding rivers, women-oriented movies, freedom, and colourful years of travel
wild peacocks, light at the end of the tunnel, Pondicherry family, finding our pleasures, blinding faith, night and day, and food.
premium, letting go, discovering ourselves, our best friend, the wind in the willows, to stand alone, and Himalayan smiles
external storms, tiny habits, silence, our past, a granny learning to swim, and soulful food
faith in today, Flaubert, art of travel, and acting from a place of knowledge
moving on without remorse, favorite books of 2022, soul-warming nature, joy without smugness, everyday courage, and Dear Life.
shades of grey, space, silliness, being us, memories, and the lull of the river.
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Looking Inwards